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Combining the best elements of Fashion and Music with Web3

As elements of Web3 continue to mature and new features are developed for the market, it all edges us one step closer to living in a purely digital world. That’s what we’ve made our mission. Aiming to combine the best elements of the metaverse, NFTs and crypto with real-world such as fashion.

How Crypto and NFTs help support this Web3

It’s really the underlying technology that does all the heavy lifting, which is blockchain-based technology. What essentially can be done in these virtual meetups is that items can be created and shared. Or sold with other like-minded individuals in a completely secure transaction.

That’s where the power of crypto comes in. Trustless consensus-based transactions that ensure that the funds go where they need to go while the items themselves go to the right owner. There’s no real middleman in crypto. Hence the trustless system and the transactions being recorded on a public ledger for easy verification and confirmation as well.

That also helps people to start using a universal currency to purchase items in the metaverse. This eliminates the need for using their local currency. This only adds to the volatility experienced with constantly converting between regular fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

How do I know my digital purchases are safe and secure?

That’s the beauty of Non-Fungible tokens or NFTs. These are specially encrypted digital wares, such as music and images. You can then verify the originality and uniqueness of the items with encryption. It also means that when you want to conduct transactions, it works in a similar fashion to other crypto transactions. This means they are trustless, safe, and secure.

Another item to note is that these transactions are extremely fast. Therefore there’s no need to wait to receive your goods and start enjoying them and showcasing them to others. Whatever we offer on the Dispo Market will come in the form of an NFT.

What is the Web3 “Dispo Market” All About?

Now that you understand the power of the currencies and items in the Dispo Market, we can dive a little deeper into the metaverse marketplace that we’ve created. It’s all about delivering the right metaverse worlds based on your likes and surrounding yourself with what entertains, and you align with.

Our platform simply helps you meet like-minded individuals and connects them in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Now you’re able to interact in many ways with others, share your own experiences and NFTs and handle transactions in these areas seamlessly in the future.

Dispo Market works to generate the right type of vibes via its numerous room options. So you’re never wondering if there’s a place for you and if you’ll fit in. It’s all about community and enabling ways to grow these communities through the right types of engagement.

That’s where Dispo Market really works to shine and combine these digital elements together. Fashion, art, and music will be available to easily enjoy as the rooms will cater to the right type of tastes every single time.

Examples of our Web3 core rooms and what to expect

The Dispo Room

This is our flagship room and one that’s meant to be open to everyone as a gathering location. The intention is to replicate a comfortable and familiar place of what a luxurious dispensary would look like in the physical world. This can be enjoyed without ever needing to leave the house and works for businesses as well.

Dispensaries will be able to integrate their own offering directly into the room so that sales can happen digitally and securely. They can attract more customers through this method as another engaging client touch point.


This is supposed to represent a virtual lounge and club vibe that doesn’t require a commute. The community here is all about sharing access to private events as well as handling the sale of NFTs or even physical collectibles.


Here you’ll find yourself with access to numerous virtual concerts and listening to the music that you love. It also will aid interaction between the musicians/DJs with their fans. where the musicians can share their stories or skills, depending on the event itself.


This is our largest digital construction representing around 100,000 square feet of digital space. The objective is to replicate a facility that grows cannabis. This community is about the positive aspects of cannabis and horticulture in general. Here experts virtually share their tips and tricks on how to grow your existing knowledge in that space. You’ll also be able to virtually see the plants themselves grow.


This is a virtual retail storefront that will actually house hundreds of storefronts easily in this digital world. This community is primarily focused on the retail aspect, and you can buy real items and NFTs as well. There will be special events for people to virtually sell items in an open market setting as well from time to time. It’s of course an excellent way to start changing how shopping is online and will be available to retailers who want to make the most of such a platform.

Music Store

A place to discover what’s the latest when it comes to the music industry. It’s also a great way for artists of any class to promote and sell their music in our virtual store. Members can share with others their preferences and enjoy what music has to offer.


Where the music store is a place to collaborate and share your love and style of music with artists, the Underground is a place to hear performances that are becoming more popular to do in a virtual setting. It’s also an open opportunity to sponsor these events as a business to be able to generate interest in an already engaged community.


If you find yourself with the soul of a mechanic then this is just the place for you. It’s the perfect spot to share your extensive knowledge or to learn for those just starting out. Engagement comes in the form of visuals so you can see the actual tools necessary and the components themselves, all in our metaverse.

What’s on the horizon with our Web3 Platform

We’re only just beginning as we will continue to add more rooms based on what is trending and in demand. One of those web3 rooms will be focused on an adults-only section for content that is geared towards being more explicit. In addition, there will be more immersive shopping experiences with the dispensaries (adult only) that will support on-demand delivery, finally connecting the virtual and real worlds properly together.

If you’ve made it this far we can already tell that you’re interested in what we have to offer. So we recommend checking out our site and following our social media. This way you can get the most updates on the details regarding where we are and how we are progressing.

We always love to hear feedback as well. This lets us know where we may need to change our direction and cater to the specific needs and tastes of our community members. After all it’s the community and the demand for what we’re offering that helps to keep us inspired and always improving!